System.Windows.Markup.Localizer Namespace

Provides types that assist in the localization of binary XAML (BAML) sources.

Public classBamlLocalizabilityResolverResolves localizable settings for classes and properties in binary XAML (BAML).
Public classBamlLocalizableResource Represents a localizable resource in a binary XAML (BAML) stream.
Public classBamlLocalizableResourceKeyRepresents a key for a BamlLocalizableResource that is used to identify localizable resources.
Public classBamlLocalizationDictionary Contains all the localizable resources in a binary XAML (BAML) record.
Public classBamlLocalizationDictionaryEnumerator Defines an enumerator that can iterate the content of a BamlLocalizationDictionary object.
Public classBamlLocalizerExtracts resources from a binary XAML (BAML) file and generates a localized version of a BAML source.
Public classBamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventArgsRequired arguments for the ErrorNotify event.
Public classElementLocalizabilityRepresents localizability settings for an element in binary XAML (BAML).

Public delegateBamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the ErrorNotify event.

Public enumerationBamlLocalizerErrorSpecifies error conditions that may be encountered by the BamlLocalizer.