This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Markup.Localizer Namespace

Provides types that assist in the localization of binary XAML (BAML) sources.

Public classBamlLocalizabilityResolverResolves localizable settings for classes and properties in binary XAML (BAML).
Public classBamlLocalizableResourceRepresents a localizable resource in a BAML stream.
Public classBamlLocalizableResourceKeyRepresents a key that is used to identify localizable resources in a BamlLocalizationDictionary.
Public classBamlLocalizationDictionaryContains all the localizable resources in a BAML record.
Public classBamlLocalizationDictionaryEnumeratorDefines a specialized enumerator that can enumerate over the content of a BamlLocalizationDictionary object.
Public classBamlLocalizerExtracts resources from a BAML file and generates a localized version of a BAML source.
Public classBamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventArgsProvides required event data for the ErrorNotify event.
Public classElementLocalizabilityRepresents localizability settings for an element in BAML.

Public delegateBamlLocalizerErrorNotifyEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the BamlLocalizer.ErrorNotify event.

Public enumerationBamlLocalizerErrorSpecifies error conditions that may be encountered by the BamlLocalizer.