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System.Windows.Markup Namespace

Provides types that support XAML processing in Silverlight, including a XAML reader and several attributes used for CLR attribute decoration to indicate a type or member's XAML usage.

  Class Description
Public class ContentPropertyAttribute Specifies which property of a class can be interpreted to be the content property when the class is parsed by a XAML processor.
Public class MarkupExtension Provides a base class for XAML markup extension implementations that can be supported by Silverlight XAML processors.
Public class XamlParseException The exception that is thrown when a XAML parsing exception occurs.
Public class XamlReader Provides a XAML processor engine for parsing XAML and creating corresponding Silverlight object trees.
Public class XmlLanguage Represents culture information for use in XML and XAML markup.
Public class XmlnsDefinitionAttribute Specifies a mapping in an assembly between an XML namespace identifier and a CLR namespace within that assembly.
Public class XmlnsPrefixAttribute Specifies a recommended prefix to associate with an XML namespace when writing elements and attributes in a XAML file.

  Interface Description
Public interface IProvideValueTarget Represents a service that reports situational object-property relationships for markup extension evaluation.
Public interface IXamlTypeResolver Represents a service that resolves from named elements in XAML markup to the appropriate CLR type.

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