LocalizationCategory Enumeration

Specifies the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute for a binary XAML (BAML) class or class member.

Namespace: System.Windows
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)
XML Namespace:  http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation

public enum LocalizationCategory
public enum LocalizationCategory
public enum LocalizationCategory
<object property="EnumerationValue" .../>

 Member nameDescription
ButtonA Button or related control. 
CheckBoxA CheckBox or related control.  
ComboBoxA ComboBox or related control such as ComboBoxItem.  
FontFont-related data such as font name, style, or size. 
HyperlinkA Hyperlink or related control. 
IgnoreDo not localize this resource. This does not apply to any child nodes that might exist. 
InheritInherits its category from a parent node. 
LabelA Label or related control. 
ListBoxA ListBox or related control such as ListBoxItem.  
MenuA Menu or related control such as MenuItem.  
NeverLocalizeDo not localize this resource, or any child nodes whose category is set to Inherit
NoneResource does not belong to a standard category. 
RadioButtonA RadioButton or related control. 
TextFor a lengthy piece of text. 
TextFlowFor panels that can contain text. 
TitleFor a single line of text, such as text used for a title. 
ToolTipA ToolTip or related control. 
XmlDataXML data.  

A LocalizabilityAttribute attribute can be applied to a class, property, or method.

For more information on how to use localization attributes, see Localization Attributes and Comments.

The following code example shows the category value of a LocalizabilityAttribute defined for a button.

<!-- Define localization attributes for the button.
      - The content is visible to the localizer and can be changed.
      - The font family property is visible to the localizer but cannot be changed. -->
    FontFamily="Microsoft San Serif"
      "$Content(Button Readable Modifiable) FontFamily(Font Readable Unmodifiable)" >
    your company name here

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