EventTrigger Members

Expression Studio 4.0

A trigger that listens for a specified event on its source and fires when that event is fired.

The following tables list the members exposed by the EventTrigger type.

  Name Description
EventTrigger Overloaded.  

(see also Protected Properties)
public propertyActions  Gets the actions associated with this trigger.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
public propertyCanFreeze  (Inherited from Freezable)
public propertyDependencyObjectType  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertyDispatcher  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public propertyEventName Gets or sets the name of the event to listen for. This is a dependency property.
public propertyHasAnimatedProperties  (Inherited from Animatable)
public propertyIsFrozen  (Inherited from Freezable)
public propertyIsSealed  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public propertySource  Gets the resolved source. If is not set or cannot be resolved, defaults to AssociatedObject.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
public propertySourceName  Gets or sets the name of the element this EventTriggerBase listens for as a source. If the name is not set or cannot be resolved, the AssociatedObject will be used. This is a dependency property.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
public propertySourceObject  Gets or sets the target object. If TargetObject is not set, the target will look for the object specified by TargetName. If an element referred to by TargetName cannot be found, the target will default to the AssociatedObject. This is a dependency property.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)

  Name Description
protected property AssociatedObject  Gets the object to which the trigger is attached.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
protected property AssociatedObjectTypeConstraint  Gets the type constraint of the associated object.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
protected property SourceTypeConstraint  Gets the source type constraint.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)

(see also Protected Methods)
public methodApplyAnimationClock  Overloaded. (Inherited from Animatable)
public methodAttach  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
public methodBeginAnimation  Overloaded. (Inherited from Animatable)
public methodCheckAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)
public methodClearValue  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodClone  (Inherited from Animatable)
public methodCloneCurrentValue  (Inherited from Freezable)
public methodCoerceValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodDetach  Detaches this instance from its associated object.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
public methodEquals  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodFreeze  Overloaded. (Inherited from Freezable)
public methodGetAnimationBaseValue  (Inherited from Animatable)
public methodGetAsFrozen  (Inherited from Freezable)
public methodGetCurrentValueAsFrozen  (Inherited from Freezable)
public methodGetHashCode  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodGetLocalValueEnumerator  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodGetType  (Inherited from Object)
public methodGetValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodInvalidateProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodReadLocalValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstaticReferenceEquals  (Inherited from Object)
public methodSetCurrentValue  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodSetValue  Overloaded. (Inherited from DependencyObject)
public methodstaticShouldSerializeStoredWeakReference  (Inherited from Animatable)
public methodToString  (Inherited from Object)
public methodVerifyAccess  (Inherited from DispatcherObject)

  Name Description
protected method CloneCore  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method CloneCurrentValueCore  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method CreateInstance  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method CreateInstanceCore  Creates a new instance of the TriggerBase derived class.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
protected method Finalize  (Inherited from Object)
protected method static Freeze  Overloaded. (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method FreezeCore  (Inherited from Animatable)
protected method GetAsFrozenCore  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method GetCurrentValueAsFrozenCore  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method GetEventName Overridden. Specifies the name of the Event this EventTriggerBase is listening for.
protected method InvokeActions  (Inherited from TriggerBase)
protected method MemberwiseClone  (Inherited from Object)
protected method OnAttached  Called after the trigger is attached to an AssociatedObject.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
protected method OnChanged  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method OnDetaching  Called when the trigger is being detached from its AssociatedObject, but before it has actually occurred.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
protected method OnEvent  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
protected method OnFreezablePropertyChanged  Overloaded. (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method OnPropertyChanged  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method OnSourceChanged  Called when the source property changes.  (Inherited from EventTriggerBase)
protected method ReadPreamble  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method ShouldSerializeProperty  (Inherited from DependencyObject)
protected method WritePostscript  (Inherited from Freezable)
protected method WritePreamble  (Inherited from Freezable)

  Name Description
public event Changed  (Inherited from Freezable)
public event PreviewInvoke  Event handler for registering to PreviewInvoke.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)

  Name Description
System.Windows.Interactivity.IAttachedObject.AssociatedObject  Gets the object to which the trigger is attached.  (Inherited from TriggerBase)