StylusPointPropertyUnit Enumeration

Specifies the unit of measurement for a StylusPoint property.

Namespace: System.Windows.Input
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)
XML Namespace:

public enum StylusPointPropertyUnit
public enum StylusPointPropertyUnit
public enum StylusPointPropertyUnit
<object property="EnumerationValue" .../>

 Member nameDescription
CentimetersIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in centimeters. 
DegreesIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in degrees. 
GramsIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in grams. 
InchesIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in inches. 
NoneIndicates that a StylusPoint property's measurement is not specified. 
PoundsIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in pounds. 
RadiansIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in radians. 
SecondsIndicates that a StylusPoint property is measured in seconds. 

The following example creates an StylusPointDescription object from a StylusPointCollection and gets the information for each StylusPointPropertyInfo in the StylusPointDescription.

    private void WriteDescriptionInfo(StylusPointCollection points)
        StylusPointDescription pointsDescription = points.Description;
        ReadOnlyCollection<StylusPointPropertyInfo> properties = 

        StringWriter descriptionStringWriter = new StringWriter();
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("Property Count:{0}", pointsDescription.PropertyCount.ToString());
        foreach (StylusPointPropertyInfo property in properties)
            // GetStylusPointPropertyName is defined below and returns the
            // name of the property.
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("name = {0}", GetStylusPointPropertyName(property).ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Guid = {0}", property.Id.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  IsButton = {0}", property.IsButton.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Min = {0}", property.Minimum.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Max = {0}", property.Maximum.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Unit = {0}", property.Unit.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Res {0}", property.Resolution.ToString());

        descriptionOutput.Text = descriptionStringWriter.ToString();


    // Use reflection to get the name of currentProperty.
    private string GetStylusPointPropertyName(StylusPointProperty currentProperty)
        Guid guid = currentProperty.Id;

        // Iterate through the StylusPointProperties to find the StylusPointProperty
        // that matches currentProperty, then return the name.
        foreach (FieldInfo theFieldInfo
            in typeof(StylusPointProperties).GetFields())
            StylusPointProperty property = (StylusPointProperty) theFieldInfo.GetValue(currentProperty);
            if (property.Id == guid)
                return theFieldInfo.Name;
        return "Not found";

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