This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

StylusPointPropertyInfo Class

Specifies the constraints of a property in a StylusPoint.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Input
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

Public Class StylusPointPropertyInfo _
	Inherits StylusPointProperty
Dim instance As StylusPointPropertyInfo
You cannot directly create an instance of this class in XAML.

The StylusPointPropertyInfo class inherits from the StylusPointProperty class and generates the Minimum, Maximum, Resolution, and Unit values used to define the properties of a StylusPoint. The validity of each property value varies depending on the manufacture of the digitizer and stylus.

The following example creates an StylusPointDescription object from a StylusPointCollection and gets the information for each StylusPointPropertyInfo in the StylusPointDescription.

Private Sub WriteDescriptionInfo(ByVal points As StylusPointCollection) 

    Dim pointsDescription As StylusPointDescription = points.Description

    Dim properties As ReadOnlyCollection(Of StylusPointPropertyInfo) = _

    Dim descriptionStringWriter As New StringWriter
    descriptionStringWriter.Write("Property Count:{0}", pointsDescription.PropertyCount.ToString())

    Dim pointProperty As StylusPointPropertyInfo
    For Each pointProperty In properties

        ' GetStylusPointPropertyName is defined below and returns the
        ' name of the property.
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("name = {0}", GetStylusPointPropertyName(pointProperty).ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Guid = {0}", pointProperty.Id.ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("  IsButton = {0}", pointProperty.IsButton.ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Min = {0}", pointProperty.Minimum.ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Max = {0}", pointProperty.Maximum.ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Unit = {0}", pointProperty.Unit.ToString())
        descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Res {0}", pointProperty.Resolution.ToString())

    Next pointProperty

    descriptionOutput.Text = descriptionStringWriter.ToString()

End Sub 'WriteDescriptionInfo


' Use reflection to get the name of currentProperty.
Private Function GetStylusPointPropertyName(ByVal currentProperty As StylusPointProperty) As String 
    Dim guid As Guid = currentProperty.Id

    ' Iterate through the StylusPointProperties to find the StylusPointProperty
    ' that matches currentProperty, then return the name.
    Dim theFieldInfo As FieldInfo

    For Each theFieldInfo In GetType(StylusPointProperties).GetFields()

        Dim pointProperty As StylusPointProperty = _
            CType(theFieldInfo.GetValue(currentProperty), StylusPointProperty)

        If pointProperty.Id = guid Then
            Return theFieldInfo.Name
        End If

    Next theFieldInfo

    Return "Not found"

End Function 'GetStylusPointPropertyName


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