StylusPointDescription Class

Specifies the properties that are in a StylusPoint.

Namespace: System.Windows.Input
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)
XML Namespace:

public class StylusPointDescription
public class StylusPointDescription
public class StylusPointDescription
<StylusPointDescription .../>

A StylusPointDescription specifies which properties are in a StylusPoint. For each property in a StylusPoint, the StylusPointDescription contains a StylusPointPropertyInfo object which specifies the constraints such as the minimum and maximum values of the property. Use the HasProperty and GetPropertyInfo methods to check for the properties in the StylusPointDescription.

All StylusPoint objects in a StylusPointCollection must share the same StylusPointDescription. If you try to add a StylusPoint to a StylusPointCollection that has a different StylusPointDescription, an exception will be thrown.

The following example gets the StylusPointDescription for a StylusPointCollection and gets the information for each StylusPointPropertyInfo in the StylusPointDescription.

    private void WriteDescriptionInfo(StylusPointCollection points)
        StylusPointDescription pointsDescription = points.Description;
        ReadOnlyCollection<StylusPointPropertyInfo> properties = 

        StringWriter descriptionStringWriter = new StringWriter();
        descriptionStringWriter.Write("Property Count:{0}", pointsDescription.PropertyCount.ToString());
        foreach (StylusPointPropertyInfo property in properties)
            // GetStylusPointPropertyName is defined below and returns the
            // name of the property.
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("name = {0}", GetStylusPointPropertyName(property).ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Guid = {0}", property.Id.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  IsButton = {0}", property.IsButton.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Min = {0}", property.Minimum.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Max = {0}", property.Maximum.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.Write("  Unit = {0}", property.Unit.ToString());
            descriptionStringWriter.WriteLine("  Res {0}", property.Resolution.ToString());

        descriptionOutput.Text = descriptionStringWriter.ToString();


    // Use reflection to get the name of currentProperty.
    private string GetStylusPointPropertyName(StylusPointProperty currentProperty)
        Guid guid = currentProperty.Id;

        // Iterate through the StylusPointProperties to find the StylusPointProperty
        // that matches currentProperty, then return the name.
        foreach (FieldInfo theFieldInfo
            in typeof(StylusPointProperties).GetFields())
            StylusPointProperty property = (StylusPointProperty) theFieldInfo.GetValue(currentProperty);
            if (property.Id == guid)
                return theFieldInfo.Name;
        return "Not found";


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