This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Input.Manipulations Namespace

Provides functionality for monitoring and responding to a collection of manipulators as a single composite, enabling an application to track the changes to the composite instead of the individual components.

Public classInertiaExpansionBehavior2DDescribes desired expansion behavior of an inertia processor.
Public classInertiaParameters2DBase class from which all inertia parameter classes are derived.
Public classInertiaProcessor2DImplements the extrapolation of a manipulation's position, orientation, and average radius.
Public classInertiaRotationBehavior2DDescribes desired rotation behavior of an inertia processor.
Public classInertiaTranslationBehavior2DDescribes desired translation behavior of an inertia processor.
Public classManipulation2DCompletedEventArgsRepresents data that is sent with a ManipulationProcessor2D.Completed event or an InertiaProcessor2D.Completed event.
Public classManipulation2DDeltaEventArgsRepresents data that is sent with a ManipulationProcessor2D.Delta event or an InertiaProcessor2D.Delta event.
Public classManipulation2DStartedEventArgsRepresents data that is sent with a Started event.
Public classManipulationDelta2DRepresents the result of a 2D manipulation.
Public classManipulationParameters2DBase class from which all manipulation parameter classes are derived.
Public classManipulationPivot2DRepresents pivot information used by a manipulation processor for single-manipulator rotations.
Public classManipulationProcessor2DImplements a multiple-input, single-output compositor for two-dimensional (2-D) transformations in a shared coordinate space.
Public classManipulationVelocities2DRepresents a set of velocities calculated by the manipulation and inertia processors.

Public structureManipulator2DRepresents a 2D manipulator at an instant in time.

Public enumerationManipulations2DRepresents the possible affine two-dimensional (2-D) manipulations.