FocusManager.GetIsFocusScope Method

Determines whether the specified DependencyObject is a focus scope.

Namespace: System.Windows.Input
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)

public static bool GetIsFocusScope (
	DependencyObject element
public static boolean GetIsFocusScope (
	DependencyObject element
public static function GetIsFocusScope (
	element : DependencyObject
) : boolean
You cannot use methods in XAML.



The element from which to read the attached property.

Return Value

true if IsFocusScope is set to true on the specified element; otherwise, false.

A focus scope is a container element that keeps track of the FocusManager.FocusedElement within the its scope. By default, the Window class is a focus scope as are the Menu, ContextMenu, and ToolBar classes. An element which is a focus scope has IsFocusScope set to true.

For more information on focus, keyboard focus, and logical focus, see the Input Overview.

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