System.Windows.Input Namespace

Provides types to support the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) input system. This includes device abstraction classes for mouse, keyboard, and stylus devices, a common input manager class, support for commanding and custom commands, and various utility classes.

Public classAccessKeyEventArgsProvides information for access keys events.
Public classAccessKeyManagerMaintains the registration of all access keys and the handling of interop keyboard commands between Windows Forms, Win32, and Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Public classAccessKeyPressedEventArgsProvides data for the AccessKeyPressed event.
Public classApplicationCommandsProvides a standard set of application related commands.
Public classCanExecuteRoutedEventArgsProvides data for the CanExecute and PreviewCanExecute events.
Public classCommandBindingBinds a RoutedCommand to the event handlers which implement the command.
Public classCommandBindingCollectionRepresents a collection of CommandBinding objects.
Public classCommandConverterConverts an ICommand object to and from other types.
Public classCommandManagerProvides command related utility methods that register CommandBinding and InputBinding objects for class owners and commands, add and remove command event handlers, and provides services for querying the status of a command.
Public classComponentCommandsProvides a standard set of component related commands.
Public classCursorRepresents the image used for the mouse pointer.
Public classCursorConverterConverts a Cursor object to and from other types.
Public classCursorsDefines a set of default cursors.
Public classExecutedRoutedEventArgsProvides data for the Executed and PreviewExecuted events.
Public classFocusManagerProvides a set of static methods, attached properties, and events for determining and setting focus scopes and for setting the focused element within the scope.
Public classInputBindingRepresents a binding between an InputGesture to an ICommand, such as a RoutedCommand.
Public classInputBindingCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of InputBinding objects.
Public classInputDeviceAbstract class that describes an input devices.
Public classInputEventArgsProvides data for input related events.
Public classInputGestureAbstract class that describes input device gestures.
Public classInputGestureCollectionRepresents an ordered collection of InputGesture objects.
Public classInputLanguageChangedEventArgsContains arguments associated with the InputLanguageChanged event.
Public classInputLanguageChangingEventArgsContains arguments associated with the InputLanguageChanging event.
Public classInputLanguageEventArgsProvides a base class for arguments for events dealing with a change in input language. This is an abstract class.
Public classInputLanguageManagerProvides facilities for managing input languages in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Public classInputManagerManages all the input systems in Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF).
Public classInputMethodProvides facilities for managing and interacting with the Text Services Framework, which provides support for alternate text input methods such as speech and handwriting.
Public classInputMethodStateChangedEventArgsContains arguments associated with the StateChanged event.
Public classInputScopeRepresents information related to the scope of data provided by an input method.
Public classInputScopeConverterProvides facilities for converting between InputScope objects and strings.
Public classInputScopeNameDefines a name for text input patterns.
Public classInputScopeNameConverterConverts instances of InputScopeName to and from other data types.
Public classInputScopePhraseRepresents a suggested input text pattern.
Public classKeyBindingBinds a KeyGesture and an ICommand.
Public classKeyboardRepresents the keyboard device.
Public classKeyboardDeviceAbstract class that represents a keyboard device.
Public classKeyboardEventArgsProvides data for keyboard related events.
Public classKeyboardFocusChangedEventArgsProvides data for the GotKeyboardFocus and LostKeyboardFocus events.
Public classKeyboardNavigationProvides logical and directional navigation between focusable objects.
Public classKeyConverterConverts a Key object to and from other types.
Public classKeyEventArgsProvides data for the KeyUp and KeyDown events.
Public classKeyGestureDefines a keyboard combination that can be used to invoke a command.
Public classKeyGestureConverterConverts a KeyGesture object to and from other types.
Public classKeyGestureValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of KeyGesture.
Public classKeyInteropProvides static methods to convert between Win32 Virtual-Keys and the WPFKey enumeration.
Public classKeyValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of Key.
Public classMediaCommandsProvides a standard set of media related commands.
Public classModifierKeysConverterConverts a ModifierKeys object to and from other types.
Public classModifierKeysValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of ModifierKeys.
Public classMouseRepresents the mouse device to a specific thread.
Public classMouseActionConverterConverts a MouseAction object to and from other types.
Public classMouseActionValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of MouseAction.
Public classMouseBindingBinds a MouseGesture to an ICommand.
Public classMouseButtonEventArgsProvides data for mouse button related events.
Public classMouseDeviceRepresents a mouse device.
Public classMouseEventArgsProvides data for mouse-related events such as MouseEnter and MouseMove.
Public classMouseGestureDefines a mouse input gesture that can be used to invoke a command.
Public classMouseGestureConverterConverts a MouseGesture object to and from other types.
Public classMouseGestureValueSerializerConverts instances of String to and from instances of ModifierKeys.
Public classMouseWheelEventArgsProvides event data for the MouseWheel event.
Public classNavigationCommandsProvides a standard set of navigation related commands.
Public classNotifyInputEventArgsProvides data for raw input being processed by the InputManager.
Public classPreProcessInputEventArgsProvides data for preprocess input events.
Public classProcessInputEventArgsProvides data for postprocess input events.
Public classQueryCursorEventArgsProvides data for the QueryCursor event.
Public classRoutedCommandDefines an ICommand which is routed through the element tree.
Public classRoutedUICommandDefines an ICommand which is routed through the element tree and contains a text property.
Public classStagingAreaInputItemEncapsulates an input event when it is being processed by the input manager.
Public classStylusProvides access to general information about a tablet pen.
Public classStylusButtonRepresents a button on a stylus.
Public classStylusButtonCollectionContains a collection of StylusButton objects.
Public classStylusButtonEventArgsProvides data for the StylusButtonDown and StylusButtonUp events.
Public classStylusDeviceRepresents a tablet pen used with a Tablet PC.
Public classStylusDeviceCollectionContains the StylusDevice objects that represent the stylus devices of a Tablet PC.
Public classStylusDownEventArgsProvides data for the StylusDown event.
Public classStylusEventArgsProvides data for several of the events that are associated with the Stylus class.
Public classStylusPointCollectionContains a collection of StylusPoint objects.
Public classStylusPointDescriptionSpecifies the properties that are in a StylusPoint.
Public classStylusPointPropertiesContains a StylusPointProperty for each property that the WPF supports.
Public classStylusPointPropertyRepresents a property stored in a StylusPoint.
Public classStylusPointPropertyInfoSpecifies the constraints of a property in a StylusPoint.
Public classStylusSystemGestureEventArgsProvides data for the StylusSystemGesture event.
Public classTabletProvides access to static methods that return the tablet devices attached to the system.
Public classTabletDeviceRepresents the digitizer device of a Tablet PC.
Public classTabletDeviceCollectionContains the TabletDevice objects that represent the digitizer devices of a tablet device.
Public classTextCompositionRepresents a composition related to text input which includes the composition text itself, any related control or system text, and a state of completion for the composition.
Public classTextCompositionEventArgsContains arguments associated with changes to a TextComposition.
Public classTextCompositionManagerProvides facilities for managing events related to input and text compositions.
Public classTraversalRequestRepresents a request to move focus to another control.

Public interfaceICommandDefines a command.
Public interfaceICommandSourceDefines an object that knows how to invoke a command.
Public interfaceIInputLanguageSourceDefines necessary facilities for an object that intends to behave as an input language source.

Public structureStylusPointRepresents a single data point collected from the digitizer and stylus.

Public delegateAccessKeyPressedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle routed event pressed events.
Public delegateCanExecuteRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the CanExecute event.
Public delegateExecutedRoutedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the Executed event.
Public delegateInputEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles input related events.
Public delegateInputLanguageEventHandlerDelegate for events associated with changes to input language, including the InputLanguageChanged and InputLanguageChanging events.
Public delegateInputMethodStateChangedEventHandlerDelegate for events associated with changes in state for an input method.
Public delegateInputReportEventHandler This delegate type supports the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) infrastructure and is not intended to be used directly from your code.
Public delegateKeyboardEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle keyboard related events.
Public delegateKeyboardFocusChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the LostKeyboardFocus and GotKeyboardFocus events.
Public delegateKeyEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the KeyUp and KeyDown events.
Public delegateMouseButtonEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle mouse button related events such as MouseDown and MouseUp.
Public delegateMouseEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle mouse related events such as MouseEnter and MouseMove.
Public delegateMouseWheelEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the MouseWheel event.
Public delegateNotifyInputEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle PreNotifyInput and PostNotifyInput events.
Public delegatePreProcessInputEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the PreProcessInput event.
Public delegateProcessInputEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle PostProcessInput event.
Public delegateQueryCursorEventHandlerRepresents the method that will handle the QueryCursor event.
Public delegateStylusButtonEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the StylusButtonDown event or StylusButtonUp event of a UIElement.
Public delegateStylusDownEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the Stylus.StylusDown event, as well as several variations including the corresponding Preview event, and re-exposes the event in the base element classes.
Public delegateStylusEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles a stylus event of a class that the implements the IInputElement interface.
Public delegateStylusSystemGestureEventHandlerRepresents the method that handles the StylusSystemGesture event of a UIElement.
Public delegateTextCompositionEventHandlerDelegate for events related to changes in a TextComposition.

Public enumerationCaptureModeSpecifies the mouse capture policies.
Public enumerationCursorTypeSpecifies the built in cursor types.
Public enumerationFocusNavigationDirectionSpecifies the direction within a user interface (UI) in which a desired focus change request is attempted. The direction is either based on tab order or by relative direction in layout.
Public enumerationImeConversionModeValuesDescribes a mode of input conversion to be performed by an input method.
Public enumerationImeSentenceModeValuesSpecifies the mode of sentence conversion performed by an input method.
Public enumerationInputMethodState Describes the state of an InputMethod.
Public enumerationInputModeSpecifies the possible values for the input mode.
Public enumerationInputScopeNameValueSpecifies the input scope name which modifies how input from alternative input methods is interpreted.
Public enumerationInputTypeSpecifies the possible types of input being reported.
Public enumerationKeySpecifies the possible key values on a keyboard.
Public enumerationKeyboardNavigationModeSpecifies the possible values for changes in focus when logical and directional navigation occurs.
Public enumerationKeyStatesSpecifies constants that define the state of a key.
Public enumerationModifierKeysSpecifies the set of modifier keys.
Public enumerationMouseActionSpecifies constants that define actions performed by the mouse.
Public enumerationMouseButtonDefines values that specify the buttons on the mouse.
Public enumerationMouseButtonStateSpecifies the possible states of a mouse button.
Public enumerationSpeechModeSpecifies the mode of interpretation for speech input.
Public enumerationStylusButtonStateRepresents the state of a StylusButton.
Public enumerationStylusPointPropertyUnitSpecifies the unit of measurement for a StylusPoint property.
Public enumerationSystemGestureDefines the available system gestures.
Public enumerationTabletDeviceTypeDefines values for the type of devices the tablet device uses.
Public enumerationTabletHardwareCapabilitiesDefines values that specify the hardware capabilities of a tablet device, including desktop digitizers and mice.
Public enumerationTextCompositionAutoCompleteDefines a set of states for the handling of automatic completion of a text composition.