WritingRegionNode Class

Represents a group of paragraphs with similar orientation.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)
XML Namespace:  http://schemas.microsoft.com/winfx/2006/xaml/presentation

public sealed class WritingRegionNode : ContextNode
public final class WritingRegionNode extends ContextNode
public final class WritingRegionNode extends ContextNode
Not applicable.

A writing region has a single reading order, such as top down.

Several writing regions can coexist in the same document on the same page if they have different orientations. For example, if a user writes notes that are primarily horizontal but then scribbles a few words diagonally in a corner, the diagonal words are considered to have a different orientation. A new WritingRegion is created for that diagonal text.

A WritingRegionNode object can contain any number of the following types of child elements:

The following example uses the WritingRegionNode method to mark the strokes that corresponds to selected text. The example code assumes that the Text property of the TextBox, theResultsTextBox, is set to the value returned by the GetRecognizedString method and that the user has selected some text in theResultsTextBox. This example also assumes that there is an InkAnalyzer called, theInkAnalyzer.

// Find out what's been selected in the text box
int selectionStart = selectedResultsTextBox.SelectionStart;
int selectionLength = selectedResultsTextBox.SelectionLength;

// Return if no text is selected.
if (selectionLength == 0)

// Get the nodes that correspond to that range
ContextNodeCollection selectedRegionSubNodes =
        writingRegion.GetNodesFromTextRange(ref selectionStart, ref selectionLength);

// Use the new start and length value to update the
// selection in the TextBox
selectedResultsTextBox.SelectionStart = selectionStart;
selectedResultsTextBox.SelectionLength = selectionLength;

// First, set all strokes to black
foreach (Stroke stroke in writingRegion.Strokes)
    stroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.Black;
// Next, set all selected sub nodes to red
foreach (ContextNode node in selectedRegionSubNodes)
    foreach (Stroke stroke in node.Strokes)
        stroke.DrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.Red;


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