StrokeCollection.GetIncrementalStrokeHitTester Method (StylusShape)


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Creates an IncrementalStrokeHitTester that hit tests the StrokeCollection with an erasing path.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Ink
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

public IncrementalStrokeHitTester GetIncrementalStrokeHitTester(
	StylusShape eraserShape


Type: System.Windows.Ink.StylusShape

A StylusShape that specifies the tip of the stylus.

The GetIncrementalStrokeHitTester method returns an IncrementalStrokeHitTester that considers a Stroke to be "hit" when the eraser path intersects it. This is useful for implementing features, such as the ability to erase part of a Stroke. The InkCanvas uses an IncrementalStrokeHitTester when the EditingMode property is set to EraseByPoint.

The following example demonstrates how to get an IncrementalStrokeHitTester that can be used to erase part of a Stroke. To create a control that enables a user to erase ink, see How to: Erase Ink on a Custom Control.

// Prepare to collect stylus packets. Get the 
// IncrementalHitTester from the InkPresenter's 
// StrokeCollection and subscribe to its StrokeHitChanged event.
protected override void OnStylusDown(StylusDownEventArgs e)

    EllipseStylusShape eraserTip = new EllipseStylusShape(3, 3, 0);
    eraseTester = 
    eraseTester.StrokeHit += new StrokeHitEventHandler(eraseTester_StrokeHit);


.NET Framework
Available since 3.0
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