This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

InkAnalyzer Events

  Name Description
Public event Activity Occurs to indicate analysis is occurring from the Analyze or BackgroundAnalyze method.
Public event ContextNodeCreated Occurs after the InkAnalyzer creates a ContextNode.
Public event ContextNodeDeleting Occurs before the InkAnalyzer deletes a ContextNode.
Public event ContextNodeLinkAdding Occurs before the InkAnalyzer adds a ContextLink between two ContextNode objects.
Public event ContextNodeLinkDeleting Occurs before the InkAnalyzer removes a ContextLink from between two ContextNode objects.
Public event ContextNodeMovingToPosition Occurs before the InkAnalyzer moves a ContextNode to a new position within a ContextNode.SubNodes collection.
Public event ContextNodePropertiesUpdated Occurs after the InkAnalyzer updates one or more of the properties of a ContextNode.
Public event ContextNodeReparenting Occurs before the InkAnalyzer moves a ContextNode by changing its parent node.
Public event InkAnalyzerStateChanging Occurs before the InkAnalyzer reconciles analysis results so that an application can synchronize data with the InkAnalyzer.
Public event IntermediateResultsUpdated Occurs when the InkAnalyzer completes the current intermediate analysis stage.
Public event NewStrokesLoaded Occurs when the Load method is called.
Public event PopulateContextNode Occurs before the InkAnalyzer performs analysis within the region of a partially populated ContextNode.
Public event ReadyToReconcile Occurs when the ink analyzer is ready to reconcile background analysis results with the current state of the analyzer.
Public event ResultsUpdated Occurs when the final analysis stage has completed.
Public event StrokesReparented Occurs when the InkAnalyzer moves a Stroke from one ContextNode to another.