This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

InkAnalyzer.SetStrokeLanguageId Method

Changes the locale identifier for the specified Stroke.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)

public void SetStrokeLanguageId (
	Stroke stroke,
	int languageId
public void SetStrokeLanguageId (
	Stroke stroke, 
	int languageId
public function SetStrokeLanguageId (
	stroke : Stroke, 
	languageId : int
Not applicable.



The stroke to assign to the locale identifier.


The locale identifier to assign to stroke.

A stroke's locale is set when you add the stroke by calling AddStroke or AddStrokes. To get the locale currently assigned to a stroke, call GetStrokeLanguageId.

This example assigns the locale identifier, theLcid, to all of the strokes in the ContextNode, theContextNode, associated with the InkAnalyzer, theInkAnalyzer.

// Iterate through the strokes within the context node and update
// the locale of each stroke.
foreach (Stroke theStroke in theContextNode.Strokes)
    theInkAnalyzer.SetStrokeLanguageId(theStroke, theLcid);

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