IncrementalStrokeHitTester Class

Dynamically hit tests a stroke with an eraser path.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: PresentationCore (in presentationcore.dll)
XML Namespace:

public class IncrementalStrokeHitTester : IncrementalHitTester
public class IncrementalStrokeHitTester extends IncrementalHitTester
public class IncrementalStrokeHitTester extends IncrementalHitTester
You cannot use this managed class in XAML.

The IncrementalStrokeHitTester hit tests strokes by determining when a eraser path intersects it. Use the AddPoints method in the stylus events to add the points to the IncrementalStrokeHitTester. When the points added to the IncrementalStrokeHitTester intersect a Stroke, the IncrementalStrokeHitTester raises the StrokeHit event

The following example demonstrates how to dynamically erase a portion of a Stroke. To create a control that allows a user to erase ink, see How to: Erase Ink on a Custom Control.

// When the stylus intersects a stroke, erase that part of
// the stroke.  When the stylus dissects a stoke, the 
// Stroke.Erase method returns a StrokeCollection that contains
// the two new strokes.
void eraseTester_StrokeHit(object sender,
    StrokeHitEventArgs args)
    StrokeCollection eraseResult =
    StrokeCollection strokesToReplace = new StrokeCollection();
    // Replace the old stroke with the new one.
    if (eraseResult.Count > 0)
        presenter.Strokes.Replace(strokesToReplace, eraseResult);



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