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DrawingAttributes Class

Specifies the appearance of a Stroke

Namespace:  System.Windows.Ink
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)

public class DrawingAttributes : INotifyPropertyChanged
This class is not typically used in XAML.

Use the DrawingAttributes property to specify settings such as color, width, transparency, and the shape of the stylus tip for a Stroke.

Use the DefaultDrawingAttributes property to specify the drawing attributes for the strokes added to an InkCanvas. Only strokes that are added after the DefaultDrawingAttributes undergo change show the updated attributes. The appearance of the strokes that are already on the InkCanvas does not change.

For a list of initial property values for an instance of the DrawingAttributes class, see the DrawingAttributes constructor.

The following example demonstrates how to use two DrawingAttributes objects to simulate using a pen and a highlighter on the same InkCanvas. The example assumes the root element in the XAML file is a DockPanel called root. It also assumes that there is a Button called switchHighlighter and that the Click event is connected to the event handler defined in this example.

InkCanvas inkCanvas1 = new InkCanvas();
DrawingAttributes inkDA;
DrawingAttributes highlighterDA;
bool useHighlighter = false;

// Add an InkCanvas to the window, and allow the user to  
// switch between using a green pen and a purple highlighter  
// on the InkCanvas. 
private void WindowLoaded(object sender, EventArgs e)
    inkCanvas1.Background = Brushes.DarkSlateBlue;
    inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes.Color = Colors.SpringGreen;


    // Set up the DrawingAttributes for the pen.
    inkDA = new DrawingAttributes();
    inkDA.Color = Colors.SpringGreen;
    inkDA.Height = 5;
    inkDA.Width = 5;
    inkDA.FitToCurve = false;

    // Set up the DrawingAttributes for the highlighter.
    highlighterDA = new DrawingAttributes();
    highlighterDA.Color = Colors.Orchid;
    highlighterDA.IsHighlighter = true;
    highlighterDA.IgnorePressure = true;
    highlighterDA.StylusTip = StylusTip.Rectangle;
    highlighterDA.Height = 30;
    highlighterDA.Width = 10;

    inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes = inkDA;

// Create a button called switchHighlighter and use  
// SwitchHighlighter_Click to handle the Click event.   
// The useHighlighter variable is a boolean that indicates 
// whether the InkCanvas renders ink as a highlighter. 

// Switch between using the 'pen' DrawingAttributes and the  
// 'highlighter' DrawingAttributes. 
void SwitchHighlighter_Click(Object sender, RoutedEventArgs e)
    useHighlighter = !useHighlighter;

    if (useHighlighter)
        switchHighlighter.Content = "Use Pen";
        inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes = highlighterDA;
        switchHighlighter.Content = "Use Highlighter";
        inkCanvas1.DefaultDrawingAttributes = inkDA;



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