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AnalysisWarningCode Enumeration

Defines values for the set of available warnings that can occur during ink analysis.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink
Assembly: IAWinFX (in iawinfx.dll)
XML Namespace:

public enum AnalysisWarningCode
public enum AnalysisWarningCode
public enum AnalysisWarningCode

 Member nameDescription
AbortedIndicates the analysis operation was aborted. Returned only when the synchronous analysis operation is called. Aborting an asynchronous operation will not raise a Results event. 
AddInkToRecognizerFailedIndicates InkRecognizer will not add the ink . For example, adding strokes collected from a mouse on a gesture recognizer will fail, as the gesture recognizer requires strokes collected from a digitizer. 
AnalysisAlreadyRunningIndicates that the InkAnalyzer is already performing background analysis. 
BackgroundExceptionIndicates that the background operation did not complete due to an exception. This is a fatal error and requires that the InkAnalyzer re-instantiate before further use. 
ConfirmedWithoutInkRecognitionIndicates that a ContextNode has been confirmed by the user without having any recognition values computed for the node. 
ContextNodeLocationNotSetIndicates that a ContextNode is missing a proper Location set. The Location property must have a non-empty value unless the ContextNode is marked as partially populated. 
EnableUnicodeCharacterRangesNotSupportedIndicates that the InkRecognizer does not support enabling Unicode character ranges as specified. 
FactoidCoercionNotSupportedIndicates that the ink recognizer was unable to coerce its results to the specified Factoid
FactoidNotSupportedIndicates that the ink recognizer was unable to respect the specified Factoid
GuideNotSupportedIndicates that the ink recognizer was unable to respect the specified Guide
InkRecognizerInitializationFailedIndicates that the InkRecognizer could not be instantiated, cloned or that setting strokes on the recognizer’s context failed. 
LanguageIdNotRespectedIndicates that the language identifier set on a stroke associated with a CustomRecognizer did not match the language identifier of the used InkRecognizer. The ink was still recognized with the specified InkRecognizer
NoMatchingInkRecognizerFoundIndicates that there are not any ink recognizers that meet the language or capabilities needed to perform the text recognition operation installed on the system. 
PartialDictionaryTermsNotSupportedIndicates that partial dictionary terms could not be returned from the InkRecognizer
SetPrefixSuffixFailedIndicates that the InkRecognizer was unable to respect the specified PrefixText or SuffixText value. 
TextRecognitionProcessFailedIndicates the text recognition process failed. 
TopInkBreaksOnlyNotSupportedIndicates that the InkRecognizer does not support TopInkBreaksOnly
WordlistNotSupportedIndicates that the ink recognizer was unable to support the specified word list set by SetWordlist
WordModeNotSupportedIndicates that the ink recognizer was unable to support the specified WordMode

BackgroundException is the only warning that requires that the InkAnalyzer is re-instantiated before further use.

Other warnings, such as InkRecognizerInitializationFailed and InkRecognizerNotInstalled, might require that the InkAnalyzer use a different recognizer.

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The Microsoft .NET Framework 3.0 is supported on Windows Vista, Microsoft Windows XP SP2, and Windows Server 2003 SP1.

.NET Framework

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