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AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection Class

The base class for AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection. Contains a collection of AnalysisAlternateBase objects that are the result of an ink analysis.

Namespace: System.Windows.Ink.AnalysisCore
Assembly: IACore (in iacore.dll)

public class AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection : ICollection, IEnumerable
public class AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection implements ICollection, IEnumerable
public class AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection implements ICollection, IEnumerable
Not applicable.

The following example calls GetAlternates on an InkAnalyzerBase, theInkAnalyzerBase. It then loops through the AnalysisAlternateBaseCollection and populates a ListBox, alternatesListBox, with all of the alternates that do not have a Poor recognition confidence.

this.currentAlternates = theInkAnalyzerBase.GetAlternates(selectedSubNodes);
foreach (AnalysisAlternateBase alternate in this.currentAlternates)
    // Add only those that are not Poor confidence
    if (alternate.InkRecognitionConfidence !=


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