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System.Windows.Ink Namespace

Provides classes to interact with and manipulate ink on the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) platform.

  Class Description
Public class DrawingAttributeIds Contains a set of GUIDs that identify the properties in the DrawingAttributes class.
Public class DrawingAttributes Specifies the appearance of a Stroke
Public class DrawingAttributesReplacedEventArgs Provides data for the DefaultDrawingAttributesReplaced event.
Public class EllipseStylusShape Represents a stylus tip shaped like an ellipse.
Public class GestureRecognitionResult Contains information about an ink gesture.
Public class GestureRecognizer Recognizes ink gestures.
Public class IncrementalHitTester Dynamically performs hit testing on a Stroke.
Public class IncrementalLassoHitTester Dynamically hit tests a Stroke with a lasso.
Public class IncrementalStrokeHitTester Dynamically hit tests a stroke with an eraser path.
Public class LassoSelectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the SelectionChanged event.
Public class PropertyDataChangedEventArgs Provides data for the PropertyDataChanged event.
Public class RectangleStylusShape Represents a rectangular stylus tip.
Public class Stroke Represents a single ink stroke.
Public class StrokeCollection Represents a collection of Stroke objects.
Public class StrokeCollectionChangedEventArgs Provides data for the StrokesChanged event.
Public class StrokeHitEventArgs Represents the method that will handle the StrokeHit event of a IncrementalStrokeHitTester.
Public class StylusPointsReplacedEventArgs Provides data for the StylusPointsReplaced event.
Public class StylusShape Represents the tip of a stylus.

  Delegate Description
Public delegate DrawingAttributesReplacedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the DefaultDrawingAttributesReplaced event of an InkCanvas.
Public delegate LassoSelectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the SelectionChanged event of a IncrementalLassoHitTester.
Public delegate PropertyDataChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the PropertyDataChanged event.
Public delegate StrokeCollectionChangedEventHandler Represents the method that handles the StrokesChanged event of a StrokeCollection.
Public delegate StrokeHitEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the StrokeHit event of a IncrementalStrokeHitTester.
Public delegate StylusPointsReplacedEventHandler Represents the method that will handle the StylusPointsReplaced event of a Stroke.

  Enumeration Description
Public enumeration ApplicationGesture Specifies the available application-specific gesture.
Public enumeration RecognitionConfidence Specifies the confidence level that the GestureRecognizer determines for a particular ink gesture.
Public enumeration StylusTip Specifies the tip to be used to draw a Stroke.
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