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ToolStripRenderer Class

Handles the painting functionality for ToolStrip objects.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Forms
Assembly:  System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

public ref class ToolStripRenderer abstract

The ToolStripRenderer type exposes the following members.

Protected methodToolStripRendererInitializes a new instance of the ToolStripRenderer class.

Public methodStatic memberCreateDisabledImageCreates a gray-scale copy of a given image.
Public methodDrawArrowDraws an arrow on a ToolStripItem.
Public methodDrawButtonBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStripButton.
Public methodDrawDropDownButtonBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStripDropDownButton.
Public methodDrawGripDraws a move handle on a ToolStrip.
Public methodDrawImageMarginDraws the space around an image on a ToolStrip.
Public methodDrawItemBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStripItem.
Public methodDrawItemCheckDraws an image on a ToolStripItem that indicates the item is in a selected state.
Public methodDrawItemImageDraws an image on a ToolStripItem.
Public methodDrawItemTextDraws text on a ToolStripItem.
Public methodDrawLabelBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStripLabel.
Public methodDrawMenuItemBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStripMenuItem.
Public methodDrawOverflowButtonBackgroundDraws the background for an overflow button.
Public methodDrawSeparatorDraws a ToolStripSeparator.
Public methodDrawSplitButtonDraws a ToolStripSplitButton.
Public methodDrawStatusStripSizingGripDraws a sizing grip.
Public methodDrawToolStripBackgroundDraws the background for a ToolStrip.
Public methodDrawToolStripBorderDraws the border for a ToolStrip.
Public methodDrawToolStripContentPanelBackgroundDraws the background of the ToolStripContentPanel.
Public methodDrawToolStripPanelBackgroundDraws the background of the ToolStripPanel.
Public methodDrawToolStripStatusLabelBackgroundDraws the background of the ToolStripStatusLabel.
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Protected methodInitializeWhen overridden in a derived class, provides for custom initialization of the given ToolStrip.
Protected methodInitializeContentPanelInitializes the specified ToolStripContentPanel.
Protected methodInitializeItemWhen overridden in a derived class, provides for custom initialization of the given ToolStripItem.
Protected methodInitializePanelInitializes the specified ToolStripPanel.
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Protected methodOnRenderArrowRaises the RenderArrow event.
Protected methodOnRenderButtonBackgroundRaises the RenderButtonBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderDropDownButtonBackgroundRaises the RenderDropDownButtonBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderGripRaises the RenderGrip event.
Protected methodOnRenderImageMarginDraws the item background.
Protected methodOnRenderItemBackgroundRaises the OnRenderItemBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderItemCheckRaises the RenderItemCheck event.
Protected methodOnRenderItemImageRaises the RenderItemImage event.
Protected methodOnRenderItemTextRaises the RenderItemText event.
Protected methodOnRenderLabelBackgroundRaises the RenderLabelBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderMenuItemBackgroundRaises the RenderMenuItemBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderOverflowButtonBackgroundRaises the RenderOverflowButtonBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderSeparatorRaises the RenderSeparator event.
Protected methodOnRenderSplitButtonBackgroundRaises the OnRenderSplitButtonBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderStatusStripSizingGripRaises the RenderStatusStripSizingGrip event.
Protected methodOnRenderToolStripBackgroundRaises the RenderToolStripBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderToolStripBorderRaises the RenderToolStripBorder event.
Protected methodOnRenderToolStripContentPanelBackgroundRaises the RenderToolStripContentPanelBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderToolStripPanelBackgroundRaises the RenderToolStripPanelBackground event.
Protected methodOnRenderToolStripStatusLabelBackgroundRaises the RenderToolStripStatusLabelBackground event.
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Public eventRenderArrowOccurs when an arrow on a ToolStripItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderButtonBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripButton is rendered
Public eventRenderDropDownButtonBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripDropDownButton is rendered.
Public eventRenderGripOccurs when the move handle for a ToolStrip is rendered.
Public eventRenderImageMarginDraws the margin between an image and its container.
Public eventRenderItemBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderItemCheckOccurs when the image for a selected ToolStripItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderItemImageOccurs when the image for a ToolStripItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderItemTextOccurs when the text for a ToolStripItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderLabelBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripLabel is rendered.
Public eventRenderMenuItemBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripMenuItem is rendered.
Public eventRenderOverflowButtonBackgroundOccurs when the background for an overflow button is rendered.
Public eventRenderSeparatorOccurs when a ToolStripSeparator is rendered.
Public eventRenderSplitButtonBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStripSplitButton is rendered.
Public eventRenderStatusStripSizingGripOccurs when the display style changes.
Public eventRenderToolStripBackgroundOccurs when the background for a ToolStrip is rendered.
Public eventRenderToolStripBorderOccurs when the border for a ToolStrip is rendered.
Public eventRenderToolStripContentPanelBackgroundDraws the background of a ToolStripContentPanel.
Public eventRenderToolStripPanelBackgroundDraws the background of a ToolStripPanel.
Public eventRenderToolStripStatusLabelBackgroundDraws the background of a ToolStripStatusLabel.

Use the ToolStripRenderer class to apply a particular style or theme to a ToolStrip. Rather than custom painting a ToolStrip and the ToolStripItem objects it contains, you set the ToolStrip::Renderer property to an object that inherits from ToolStripRenderer. The painting specified by the ToolStripRenderer is applied to the ToolStrip, as well as the items it contains.

You can do custom painting in ToolStrip controls in several ways. As with other Windows Forms controls, the ToolStrip and ToolStripItem both have overridable OnPaint methods and Paint events. As with regular painting, the coordinate system is relative to the client area of the control; that is, the upper left-hand corner of the control is 0, 0. The Paint event and OnPaint method for a ToolStripItem behave like other control paint events.

The ToolStripRenderer class has overridable methods for painting the background, item background, item image, item arrow, item text, and border of the ToolStrip. The event arguments for these methods expose several properties such as rectangles, colors, and text formats that you can adjust as desired.

To adjust just a few aspects of how an item is painted, you typically override the ToolStripRenderer.

If you are writing a new item and want to control all aspects of the painting, override the OnPaint method. From within OnPaint, you can use methods from the ToolStripRenderer.

By default, the ToolStrip is double buffered, taking advantage of the OptimizedDoubleBuffer setting.

The following code example demonstrates how to implement a custom ToolStripRenderer class. The GridStripRenderer class customizes three aspects of the GridStrip control's appearance: GridStrip border, ToolStripButton border, and ToolStripButton image. For a full code listing, see How to: Implement a Custom ToolStripRenderer.

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