ToolStripItemImageScaling Enumeration


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Specifies whether the size of the image on a ToolStripItem is automatically adjusted to fit on a ToolStrip while retaining the original image proportions.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Forms
Assembly:  System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

public enum ToolStripItemImageScaling

Member nameDescription

Specifies that the size of the image on a ToolStripItem is not automatically adjusted to fit on a ToolStrip.


Specifies that the size of the image on a ToolStripItem is automatically adjusted to fit on a ToolStrip.

The Image, ImageAlign, ImageIndex, ImageKey, and ImageScaling properties pertain to various aspects of image handling. Use images in ToolStrip controls by setting these properties directly or by setting the run-time–only ImageList property.

Image scaling is determined by the interaction of properties in both ToolStrip and ToolStripItem, as follows:

  • ImageScalingSize is the scale of the final image as determined by the combination of the image's ImageScaling setting and the container's AutoSize setting.

    • If AutoSize is true (the default) and ToolStripItemImageScaling is SizeToFit, no image scaling occurs, and the ToolStrip size is that of the largest item, or a prescribed minimum size.

    • If AutoSize is false and ToolStripItemImageScaling is None, neither image nor ToolStrip scaling occurs.

To control the image size, use the ImageScalingSize property.

The following code example applies the SizeToFit member to a ToolStripButton.

internal ToolStripButton imageButton;

private void InitializeImageButtonWithToolTip()

	// Construct the button and set the image-related properties.
	imageButton = new ToolStripButton();
	imageButton.Image = new Bitmap(typeof(Timer), "Timer.bmp");
	imageButton.ImageScaling = ToolStripItemImageScaling.SizeToFit;

	// Set the background color of the image to be transparent.
	imageButton.ImageTransparentColor = Color.FromArgb(0, 255, 0);

	// Show ToolTip text, set custom ToolTip text, and turn
	// off the automatic ToolTips.
	toolStrip1.ShowItemToolTips = true;
	imageButton.ToolTipText = "Click for the current time";
	imageButton.AutoToolTip = false;

	// Add the button to the ToolStrip.


.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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