ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection.RemoveAt Method

Removes a given button from the toolbar button collection.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public void RemoveAt (
	int index
public final void RemoveAt (
	int index
public final function RemoveAt (
	index : int
Not applicable.



The indexed location of the ToolBarButton in the collection.

Exception typeCondition


The index value is less than 0, or it is greater than the number of buttons in the collection.

The Remove method removes the ToolBarButton at the specified location in the ToolBar.ToolBarButtonCollection. If you want to remove all ToolBarButton controls from the collection, use the Clear method.

The following code example removes the last ToolBarButton on a ToolBar. The index value of the toolbar button being removed is set equal to the Count property, minus one, since the ToolBarButton collection is a zero-based index.

public void RemoveMyButton()
    int btns;
    btns = toolBar1.Buttons.Count;
    // Remove the last toolbar button.
    toolBar1.Buttons.RemoveAt(btns - 1);

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