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TabControl.SelectedTab Property

Gets or sets the currently-selected tab page.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property SelectedTab As TabPage
public TabPage SelectedTab {get; set;}
public: __property TabPage* get_SelectedTab();
public: __property void set_SelectedTab(TabPage*);
public function get SelectedTab() : TabPage;
public function set SelectedTab(TabPage);

Property Value

A TabPage that represents the selected tab page. If no tab page is selected, the value is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).


The selection to the given tab, provided it equals a tab in the list.


[Visual Basic, C#, C++] The following example creates a TabControl with two TabPage objects. The SelectedTab property sets tabPage2 as the currently-selected tab page.

[Visual Basic, C#, C++] Use the System.Drawing and System.Windows.Forms namespaces for this example.

[Visual Basic] 
Imports System.Drawing
Imports System.Windows.Forms

Public Class Form1
    Inherits Form
    Private tabControl1 As TabControl
    Private tabPage1 As TabPage
    Private tabPage2 As TabPage

    Private Sub MyTabs()
        Me.tabControl1 = New TabControl()
        Me.tabPage1 = New TabPage()
        Me.tabPage2 = New TabPage()

        Me.tabControl1.Controls.AddRange(New Control() {Me.tabPage1, Me.tabPage2})
        Me.tabControl1.Padding = New Point(15, 10)
        Me.tabControl1.Location = New Point(35, 25)
        Me.tabControl1.Size = New Size(220, 220)

        ' Selects tabPage2 using SelectedTab.
        Me.tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabPage2

        Me.tabPage1.Text = "tabPage1"
        Me.tabPage2.Text = "tabPage2"

        Me.Size = New Size(300, 300)
        Me.Controls.AddRange(New Control() {Me.tabControl1})
    End Sub

    Public Sub New()
    End Sub

    Shared Sub Main()
        Application.Run(New Form1())
    End Sub
End Class

using System.Drawing;
using System.Windows.Forms;

public class Form1 : Form
    private TabControl tabControl1;
    private TabPage tabPage1;
    private TabPage tabPage2;

    private void MyTabs()
        this.tabControl1 = new TabControl();
        this.tabPage1 = new TabPage();
        this.tabPage2 = new TabPage();

        this.tabControl1.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] {
        this.tabControl1.Padding = new Point(15, 10);
        this.tabControl1.Location = new Point(35, 25);
        this.tabControl1.Size = new Size(220, 220);

        // Selects tabPage2 using SelectedTab.
        this.tabControl1.SelectedTab = tabPage2;
        this.tabPage1.Text = "tabPage1";
        this.tabPage2.Text = "tabPage2";

        this.Size = new Size(300, 300);
        this.Controls.AddRange(new Control[] {
    public Form1()

    static void Main() 
        Application.Run(new Form1());

using namespace System::Drawing;
using namespace System::Windows::Forms;

public __gc class Form1 : public Form {
    TabControl*  tabControl1;
    TabPage*  tabPage1;
    TabPage*  tabPage2;

    void MyTabs() {
        this->tabControl1 = new TabControl();
        this->tabPage1 = new TabPage();
        this->tabPage2 = new TabPage();

        Control* temp0 [] = {
        this->tabControl1->Padding = Point(15, 10);
        this->tabControl1->Location = Point(35, 25);
        this->tabControl1->Size = System::Drawing::Size(220, 220);

        // Selects tabPage2 using SelectedTab.
        this->tabControl1->SelectedTab = tabPage2;

        this->tabPage1->Text = S"tabPage1";
        this->tabPage2->Text = S"tabPage2";
        this->Size = System::Drawing::Size(300, 300);
        Control* temp1 [] = {this->tabControl1};

    Form1() {

int main() {
    Application::Run(new Form1());

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Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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