StatusBar.DrawItem Event


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Occurs when a visual aspect of an owner-drawn status bar control changes.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Forms
Assembly:  System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

Public Event DrawItem As StatusBarDrawItemEventHandler

You can use this event to perform drawing operations in an owner-drawn StatusBar control. For example, if you display an owner-drawn StatusBarPanel that displays a progress bar, you can use this event to perform the drawing of the progress bar on the panel. The data provided to the event through the StatusBarDrawItemEventArgs object passed as a parameter to the event handler enables you to determine the panel that needs to be drawn and the Graphics to use to draw to the panel. This event is only raised when the StatusBarPanel.Style property of a StatusBarPanel in a StatusBar control is set to OwnerDraw.

For more information about handling events, see Handling and Raising Events.

The following code example demonstrates how to create an owner-drawn StatusBarPanel that displays a custom background and the current date. This example requires that you have connected the DrawItem event of a StatusBar control to the event handler defined in the example.

Private Sub StatusBar1_DrawItem(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal sbdevent As System.Windows.Forms.StatusBarDrawItemEventArgs) Handles StatusBar1.DrawItem

   ' Create a StringFormat object to align text in the panel.
   Dim sf As New StringFormat()
   ' Format the String of the StatusBarPanel to be centered.
   sf.Alignment = StringAlignment.Center
   sf.LineAlignment = StringAlignment.Center

   ' Draw a black background in owner-drawn panel.
   sbdevent.Graphics.FillRectangle(Brushes.Black, sbdevent.Bounds)
   ' Draw the current date (short date format) with white text in the control's font.
   sbdevent.Graphics.DrawString(DateTime.Today.ToShortDateString(), StatusBar1.Font, Brushes.White, _
         New RectangleF(sbdevent.Bounds.X, sbdevent.Bounds.Y, _
         sbdevent.Bounds.Width, sbdevent.Bounds.Height), sf)
End Sub

.NET Framework
Available since 1.1
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