This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

MonthCalendar.UpdateBoldedDates Method

Repaints the bolded dates to reflect the dates set in the lists of bolded dates.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub UpdateBoldedDates()
public void UpdateBoldedDates();
public: void UpdateBoldedDates();
public function UpdateBoldedDates();


Use the UpdateBoldedDates method to reflect changes made to AnnuallyBoldedDates, MonthlyBoldedDates, or BoldedDates, either directly by modifying elements of the array or by using the add or remove methods provided to modify the date lists.


Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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