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Menu.MenuItemCollection.Clear Method

Removes all MenuItem objects from the menu item collection.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public virtual void Clear ()
public void Clear ()
public function Clear ()
Not applicable.

You can use this method to clear the entire collection of menu items from a menu. To remove an individual menu item from the collection, use the Remove method. To add new MenuItem objects to the collection, use the Add method.

In this example, you create a main menu, myMainMenu, with two MenuItem objects, File and Edit. The File menu has three submenu items, New, Open, and Exit. Using the Clear method, you remove all the MenuItem objects in the File menu collection. This program requires that you have already created a Form named Form1.

public void InitializeMyMenu()
    // Create the MainMenu object.
    MainMenu myMainMenu = new MainMenu();
    // Create the MenuItem objects.
    MenuItem fileMenu = new MenuItem("&File");
    MenuItem editMenu = new MenuItem("&Edit");
    MenuItem newFile = new MenuItem("&New");
    MenuItem openFile = new MenuItem("&Open");
    MenuItem exitProgram = new MenuItem("E&xit");
    // Add the MenuItem objects to myMainMenu.
    // Add three submenus to the File menu.
    // Assign myMainMenu to the form.
    this.Menu = myMainMenu;
    // Clear the File menu items. 

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