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InputLanguageCollection.CopyTo Method

Copies the InputLanguageCollection values to a one-dimensional Array at the specified index.

[Visual Basic]
Public Sub CopyTo( _
   ByVal array() As InputLanguage, _
   ByVal index As Integer _
public void CopyTo(
 InputLanguage[] array,
 int index
public: void CopyTo(
 InputLanguage* array[],
 int index
public function CopyTo(
   array : InputLanguage[],
 index : int


The one-dimensional array that is the destination of the values copied from InputLanguageCollection.
The index in the array parameter where copying begins.


Exception Type Condition
ArgumentException array specifies a multidimensional array.


The number of elements in the InputLanguageCollection is greater than the available space between the index and the end of array.

ArgumentNullException array is a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).
ArgumentOutOfRangeException index is less than the lower bound of array.


Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family

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