ControlBox Property

Form.ControlBox Property

Gets or sets a value indicating whether a control box is displayed in the caption bar of the form.

[Visual Basic]
Public Property ControlBox As Boolean
public bool ControlBox {get; set;}
public: __property bool get_ControlBox();
public: __property void set_ControlBox(bool);
public function get ControlBox() : Boolean;
public function set ControlBox(Boolean);

Property Value

true if the form displays a control box in the upper left corner of the form; otherwise, false. The default is true.


If the ControlBox property is set to true, the control box is displayed in the upper-left corner of the caption bar. The control box is where the user can click to access the system menu.

Note   If your form does not display a control box, the form is not able to close using the ALT+F4 keyboard combination.
Note   When set to false, the ControlBox property has no effect on a Multiple Document Interface (MDI) child form that is displayed maximized at time of creation.


[Visual Basic, C#, C++] The following example uses the ControlBox, FormBorderStyle, MaximizeBox, MinimizeBox, and StartPosition properties to create a form that does not have any border or caption box. The form created in this example could be used to create a splash screen for an application. The example assumes that the example's method is defined in a form class and called when the form is being initialized.

[Visual Basic] 
Public Sub CreateMyBorderlesWindow()
    FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None
    MaximizeBox = False
    MinimizeBox = False
    StartPosition = FormStartPosition.CenterScreen
    ' Remove the control box so the form will only display client area.
    ControlBox = False
End Sub 'CreateMyBorderlesWindow

public void CreateMyBorderlessWindow()
    this.FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle.None;
    this.MaximizeBox = false;
    this.MinimizeBox = false;
    this.StartPosition = FormStartPosition.CenterScreen;
    // Remove the control box so the form will only display client area.
    this.ControlBox = false;

void CreateMyBorderlessWindow()
    this->FormBorderStyle = FormBorderStyle::None;
    this->MaximizeBox = false;
    this->MinimizeBox = false;
    this->StartPosition = FormStartPosition::CenterScreen;
    // Remove the control box so the form will only display client area.
    this->ControlBox = false;

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Platforms: Windows 98, Windows NT 4.0, Windows Millennium Edition, Windows 2000, Windows XP Home Edition, Windows XP Professional, Windows Server 2003 family, .NET Compact Framework

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