This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DocumentDesigner Properties

The properties of the DocumentDesigner class are listed here. For a complete list of DocumentDesigner class members, see the DocumentDesigner Members topic.

Public Properties

public propertyAccessibilityObject (inherited from ControlDesigner) Gets the AccessibleObject assigned to the control.
public propertyAssociatedComponents (inherited from ControlDesigner) Overridden. Gets the collection of components associated with the component managed by the designer.
public propertyComponent (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets the component this designer is designing.
public propertyControl (inherited from ControlDesigner) Gets the control that the designer is designing.
public propertySelectionRules Overridden. Gets the SelectionRules for the designer.
public propertyVerbs (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets the design-time verbs supported by the component that is associated with the designer.

Protected Properties

protected propertyDefaultControlLocation (inherited from ParentControlDesigner) Gets the default location for a control added to the designer.
protected propertyDrawGrid (inherited from ParentControlDesigner) Gets or sets a value indicating whether a grid should be drawn on the control for this designer.
protected propertyEnableDragRect (inherited from ParentControlDesigner) Overridden. Gets a value indicating whether drag rectangles are drawn by the designer.
protected propertyGridSize (inherited from ParentControlDesigner) Gets or sets the size of each square of the grid that is drawn when the designer is in grid draw mode.
protected propertyInheritanceAttribute (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets an attribute that indicates the type of inheritance of the associated component.
protected propertyInherited (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets a value indicating whether this component is inherited.
protected propertyShadowProperties (inherited from ComponentDesigner) Gets a collection of property values that override user settings.

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