This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

System.Windows.Forms.Design.Behavior Namespace

The System.Windows.Forms.Design.Behavior namespace contains classes for creating custom user interface behavior for components at design time.

The following list shows the classes included in this namespace:

  • A Glyph class for handling painting and hit-testing.

  • An Adorner class for managing a collection of Glyph objects.

  • A BehaviorService class for managing the custom user interface in a designer.

  • A SnapLine class that represents horizontal and vertical line segments that assist users in aligning components at design time.

Public classAdornerManages a collection of user-interface related Glyph objects. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classBehaviorRepresents the Behavior objects that are managed by a BehaviorService.
Public classBehaviorDragDropEventArgsProvides data for the BeginDrag and EndDrag events.
Public classBehaviorServiceManages user interface in the designer. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classBehaviorServiceAdornerCollectionStores Adorner objects in a strongly typed collection.
Public classBehaviorServiceAdornerCollectionEnumeratorSupports iteration over a BehaviorServiceAdornerCollection.
Public classComponentGlyphAssociates a Glyph with its component.
Public classControlBodyGlyphAssociates a Glyph with its control.
Public classGlyphRepresents a single user interface (UI) entity managed by an Adorner.
Public classGlyphCollectionStores Glyph objects in a strongly typed collection.
Public classSnapLineRepresents the horizontal and vertical line segments that are dynamically created in the user interface (UI) to assist in the design-time layout of controls in a container. This class cannot be inherited.

Public delegateBehaviorDragDropEventHandlerRepresents the methods that will handle the BeginDrag and EndDrag events of a BehaviorService. This class cannot be inherited.

Public enumerationGlyphSelectionTypeDescribes the designer selection state of a Glyph.
Public enumerationSnapLinePrioritySpecifies the relative importance of a snapline.
Public enumerationSnapLineTypeSpecifies the orientation and relative location of a snapline.