System.Windows.Forms.Design Namespace

The System.Windows.Forms.Design namespace contains classes that support design-time configuration and behavior for Windows Forms components. These classes consist of designer classes that provide support for Windows Forms components, a set of design-time services; UITypeEditor classes for configuring certain types of properties, and classes for importing ActiveX controls.

Public classAnchorEditorProvides a user interface for configuring an Anchor property.
Public classAxImporterImports ActiveX controls and generates a wrapper that can be accessed by a designer.
Public classAxImporter.OptionsRepresents a set of options for an AxImporter.
Public classAxParameterDataRepresents a parameter of a method of a hosted ActiveX control.
Public classAxWrapperGenGenerates a wrapper for ActiveX controls for use in the design-time environment.
Public classBorderSidesEditorProvides an editor for setting the ToolStripStatusLabel.BorderSides property.
Public classComponentDocumentDesignerBase designer class for extending the design mode behavior of a root design document that supports nested components.
Public classComponentEditorFormProvides a user interface for a WindowsFormsComponentEditor.
Public classComponentEditorPageProvides a base implementation for a ComponentEditorPage.
Public classComponentTrayProvides behavior for the component tray of a designer.
Public classControlDesignerExtends the design mode behavior of a Control.
Public classControlDesigner.ControlDesignerAccessibleObjectProvides an AccessibleObject for ControlDesigner.
Public classDesignerOptionsProvides access to get and set option values for a designer.
Public classDockEditorProvides a user interface for specifying a Dock property.
Public classDocumentDesignerBase designer class for extending the design mode behavior of, and providing a root-level design mode view for, a Control that supports nested controls and should receive scroll messages.
Public classEventHandlerServiceProvides a systematic way to manage event handlers for the current document.
Public classEventsTabProvides a PropertyTab that can display events for selection and linking.
Public classFileNameEditorProvides a user interface for selecting a file name.
Public classFolderNameEditorProvides a user interface for choosing a folder from the file system.
Public classFolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserRepresents a dialog box that allows the user to choose a folder. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classImageListCodeDomSerializerSerializes string dictionaries.
Public classImageListImageEditorProvides an editor that can perform default file searching for bitmap (.bmp) files.
Public classMaskDescriptorDefines a set of members for derived classes to provide options for the masked text box UI type editor.
Public classMenuCommandsDefines a set of CommandID fields that each correspond to a command function provided by the host environment.
Public classParentControlDesignerExtends the design mode behavior of a Control that supports nested controls.
Public classPropertyTabProvides a base class for property tabs.
Public classScrollableControlDesignerBase designer class for extending the design mode behavior of a Control which should receive scroll messages.
Public classShortcutKeysEditorProvides an editor for picking shortcut keys.
Public classToolStripItemDesignerAvailabilityAttributeSpecifies which types a ToolStripItem can appear in. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classWindowsFormsComponentEditorProvides a base class for editors that use a modal dialog to display a properties page similar to an ActiveX control's property page.
Public classWindowsFormsDesignerOptionServiceProvides access to get and set option values for a Windows Forms designer.

Public interfaceAxImporter.IReferenceResolverProvides methods to resolve references to ActiveX libraries, COM type libraries or assemblies, or managed assemblies.
Public interfaceIMenuEditorServiceProvides access to the menu editing service.
Public interfaceIUIServiceEnables interaction with the user interface of the development environment object that is hosting the designer.
Public interfaceIWindowsFormsEditorServiceProvides an interface for a UITypeEditor to display Windows Forms or to display a control in a drop-down area from a property grid control in design mode.

Public enumerationFolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserFolderDefines identifiers used to indicate the root folder for a folder browser to initially browse to.
Public enumerationFolderNameEditor.FolderBrowserStylesDefines identifiers used to specify behavior of a FolderNameEditor.FolderBrowser.
Public enumerationSelectionRulesDefines identifiers that are used to indicate selection rules for a component.
Public enumerationToolStripItemDesignerAvailabilitySpecifies controls that are visible in the designer.