This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

DataGridViewRow Properties

The DataGridViewRow type exposes the following members.

Public property AccessibilityObject Gets the DataGridViewRow.DataGridViewRowAccessibleObject assigned to the DataGridViewRow.
Public property Cells Gets the collection of cells that populate the row.
Public property ContextMenuStrip Gets or sets the shortcut menu for the row. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.ContextMenuStrip.)
Public property DataBoundItem Gets the data-bound object that populated the row.
Public property DataGridView Gets the DataGridView control associated with this element. (Inherited from DataGridViewElement.)
Public property DefaultCellStyle Gets or sets the default styles for the row, which are used to render cells in the row unless the styles are overridden. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.DefaultCellStyle.)
Public property DefaultHeaderCellType Gets or sets the run-time type of the default header cell. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property Displayed Gets a value indicating whether this row is displayed on the screen. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.Displayed.)
Public property DividerHeight Gets or sets the height, in pixels, of the row divider.
Public property ErrorText Gets or sets the error message text for row-level errors.
Public property Frozen Gets or sets a value indicating whether the row is frozen. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.Frozen.)
Public property HasDefaultCellStyle Gets a value indicating whether the DefaultCellStyle property has been set. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property HeaderCell Gets or sets the row's header cell.
Protected property HeaderCellCore Gets or sets the header cell of the DataGridViewBand. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property Height Gets or sets the current height of the row.
Public property Index Gets the relative position of the band within the DataGridView control. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property InheritedStyle Gets the cell style in effect for the row. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.InheritedStyle.)
Public property IsNewRow Gets a value indicating whether the row is the row for new records.
Protected property IsRow Gets a value indicating whether the band represents a row. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property MinimumHeight Gets or sets the minimum height of the row.
Public property ReadOnly Gets or sets a value indicating whether the row is read-only. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.ReadOnly.)
Public property Resizable Gets or sets a value indicating whether users can resize the row or indicating that the behavior is inherited from the DataGridView.AllowUserToResizeRows property. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.Resizable.)
Public property Selected Gets or sets a value indicating whether the row is selected. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.Selected.)
Public property State Gets the current state of the row. (Overrides DataGridViewElement.State.)
Public property Tag Gets or sets the object that contains data to associate with the band. (Inherited from DataGridViewBand.)
Public property Visible Gets or sets a value indicating whether the row is visible. (Overrides DataGridViewBand.Visible.)