DataGridView.InvalidateRow Method (Int32)


Invalidates the specified row of the DataGridView, forcing it to be repainted.

Namespace:   System.Windows.Forms
Assembly:  System.Windows.Forms (in System.Windows.Forms.dll)

Public Sub InvalidateRow (
	rowIndex As Integer


Type: System.Int32

The index of the row to invalidate.

Exception Condition

rowIndex is not in the valid range of 0 to the number of rows minus 1.

Use this method to force a row to repaint itself. This method is useful in owner-drawing scenarios where you handle the RowPrePaint or RowPostPaint events.

For more information about painting and invalidation, see Invalidate.

The following code example illustrates how to use the InvalidateRow method in a row-painting scenario. In the example, the row is invalidated when the current cell changes, forcing the row to repaint itself.

This code is part of a larger example available in How to: Customize the Appearance of Rows in the Windows Forms DataGridView Control.

' Forces the row to repaint itself when the user changes the 
' current cell. This is necessary to refresh the focus rectangle.
Sub dataGridView1_CurrentCellChanged(ByVal sender As Object, _
    ByVal e As EventArgs) Handles dataGridView1.CurrentCellChanged

    If oldRowIndex <> -1 Then
    End If
    oldRowIndex = Me.dataGridView1.CurrentCellAddress.Y

End Sub 'dataGridView1_CurrentCellChanged

.NET Framework
Available since 2.0
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