CreateParams.ClassStyle Property

Gets or sets a bitwise combination of class style values.

Namespace: System.Windows.Forms
Assembly: System.Windows.Forms (in

public int ClassStyle { get; set; }
/** @property */
public int get_ClassStyle ()

/** @property */
public void set_ClassStyle (int value)

public function get ClassStyle () : int

public function set ClassStyle (value : int)

Property Value

A bitwise combination of the class style values.

The ClassStyle property is ignored if the ClassName property is not a null reference (Nothing in Visual Basic).

For more information about creating control parameters, see the CreateWindow and CreateWindowEx functions and the CREATESTRUCT structure documentation in the Windows Platform SDK reference located in the MSDN Library.


The constants used to set the Style, ExStyle, and ClassStyle properties are defined in the Winuser.h header file. This file is installed by the Platform SDK or Visual Studio .NET.

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.NET Framework

Supported in: 2.0, 1.1, 1.0

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