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Binding Properties

Binding Properties

The Binding type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property BindableComponent Gets the control the Binding is associated with.
Public property BindingManagerBase Gets the BindingManagerBase for this Binding.
Public property BindingMemberInfo Gets an object that contains information about this binding based on the dataMember parameter in the Binding constructor.
Public property Control Gets the control that the binding belongs to.
Public property ControlUpdateMode Gets or sets when changes to the data source are propagated to the bound control property.
Public property DataSource Gets the data source for this binding.
Public property DataSourceNullValue Gets or sets the value to be stored in the data source if the control value is null or empty.
Public property DataSourceUpdateMode Gets or sets a value that indicates when changes to the bound control property are propagated to the data source.
Public property FormatInfo Gets or sets the IFormatProvider that provides custom formatting behavior.
Public property FormatString Gets or sets the format specifier characters that indicate how a value is to be displayed.
Public property FormattingEnabled Gets or sets a value indicating whether type conversion and formatting is applied to the control property data.
Public property IsBinding Gets a value indicating whether the binding is active.
Public property NullValue Gets or sets the Object to be set as the control property when the data source contains a DBNull value.
Public property PropertyName Gets or sets the name of the control's data-bound property.
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