EventManager Methods


Namespace:   System.Windows
Assembly:  PresentationCore (in PresentationCore.dll)


Returns identifiers for routed events that have been registered to the event system.


Finds all routed event identifiers for events that are registered with the provided owner type.

System_CAPS_pubmethodSystem_CAPS_staticRegisterClassHandler(Type, RoutedEvent, Delegate)

Registers a class handler for a particular routed event.

System_CAPS_pubmethodSystem_CAPS_staticRegisterClassHandler(Type, RoutedEvent, Delegate, Boolean)

Registers a class handler for a particular routed event, with the option to handle events where event data is already marked handled.

System_CAPS_pubmethodSystem_CAPS_staticRegisterRoutedEvent(String, RoutingStrategy, Type, Type)

Registers a new routed event with the Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) event system.

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