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FixedDocumentSequence Class

Hosts one or more DocumentReference elements that define a sequence of fixed documents.

Namespace:  System.Windows.Documents
Assembly:  PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)

public class FixedDocumentSequence : FrameworkContentElement, 
	IDocumentPaginatorSource, IAddChild, IServiceProvider, IUriContext

FixedDocumentSequence hosts an ordered sequence of one or more fixed documents that are organized as a single unit.

DocumentReference is the only allowable child element in a FixedDocumentSequence. Each DocumentReference refers to a single FixedDocument. Document reference elements must be in sequential order, matching the order in which the fixed documents are processed.

A collection of the DocumentReference elements contained in a FixedDocumentSequence can be obtained using the References property.

The following example show how to obtain the FixedDocumentSequence of an XpsDocument by use of the GetFixedDocumentSequence method . For the full sample, see Saving an XPS Document Sample.

// ------------------------- LoadDocumentViewer ----------------------- 
/// <summary> 
///   Loads content from a file to a DocumentViewer control.</summary> 
/// <param name="xpsFilename">
///   The path and name of the XPS file to 
///   load to the DocumentViewer control.</param> 
/// <remarks> 
///   Exception handling should be added if the xpsFilename may not be 
///   valid or if the FixedDocumentSequence contained in the file is 
///   incorrect.  (In this sample the files are hardcoded.)</remarks> 
private void LoadDocumentViewer(string xpsFilename)
    // Save a reference to the currently open XPS package.
    XpsDocument oldXpsPackage = _xpsPackage;

    // Open the package for the new XPS document.
    _xpsPackage = new XpsDocument(xpsFilename,
        FileAccess.Read, CompressionOption.NotCompressed);

    // Get the FixedDocumentSequence from the package.
    FixedDocumentSequence fixedDocumentSequence =

    // Set the new FixedDocumentSequence as 
    // the DocumentViewer's paginator source.
    docViewer.Document =
        fixedDocumentSequence as IDocumentPaginatorSource;

    // If there was an old XPS package, close it now that 
    // DocumentViewer no longer needs to access it. 
    if (oldXpsPackage != null)

    // Leave the new _xpsPackage open for DocumentViewer 
    // to access additional required resources.

}// end:LoadDocumentViewer()

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