DependencyObject.ShouldSerializeProperty Method

Returns a value that indicates whether serialization processes should serialize the value for the provided dependency property.

Namespace: System.Windows
Assembly: WindowsBase (in windowsbase.dll)

protected internal virtual bool ShouldSerializeProperty (
	DependencyProperty dp
protected boolean ShouldSerializeProperty (
	DependencyProperty dp
protected internal function ShouldSerializeProperty (
	dp : DependencyProperty
) : boolean
You cannot use methods in XAML.



The identifier for the dependency property that should be serialized.

Return Value

true if the dependency property that is supplied should be value-serialized; otherwise, false.

The default implementation returns true for all cases in which a dependency property had a local value established on the DependencyObject.

Notes to Inheritors: Overrides for this method may handle specific dependency properties differently.

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