This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

PriorityBindingExpression Properties

  Name Description
Public property ActiveBindingExpression Gets the active BindingExpression object.
Public property BindingExpressions Gets the collection of BindingExpression objects inside this instance of PriorityBindingExpression.
Public property HasError  Gets a value that indicates whether the parent binding has a failed validation rule. (inherited from BindingExpressionBase)
Public property ParentBindingBase  Gets the BindingBase object from which this BindingExpressionBase object is created. (inherited from BindingExpressionBase)
Public property ParentPriorityBinding Gets the PriorityBinding object from which this PriorityBindingExpression is created.
Public property Status  Gets the status of the binding expression. (inherited from BindingExpressionBase)
Public property ValidationError  Gets the ValidationError that caused this instance of BindingExpressionBase to be invalid. (inherited from BindingExpressionBase)