This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

BindingGroup Properties

The BindingGroup type exposes the following members.

Public property BindingExpressions Gets a collection of BindingExpression objects that contains information for each Binding in the BindingGroup.
Public property CanRestoreValues Gets whether each source in the binding can discard pending changes and restore the original values.
Public property DependencyObjectType Gets the DependencyObjectType that wraps the CLR type of this instance. (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public property Dispatcher Gets the Dispatcher this DispatcherObject is associated with. (Inherited from DispatcherObject.)
Public property IsSealed Gets a value that declares whether this instance is currently read-only. (Inherited from DependencyObject.)
Public property Items Gets the sources that are used by the Binding objects in the BindingGroup.
Public property Name Gets or sets the name that identifies the BindingGroup, which can be used to include and exclude Binding objects in the BindingGroup.
Public property NotifyOnValidationError Gets or sets whether the Validation.Error event occurs when the state of a ValidationRule changes.
Public property ValidationRules Gets a collection of ValidationRule objects that validate the source objects in the BindingGroup.