ToolTipService.BetweenShowDelay Attached Property

Gets or sets the maximum time between the display of two tooltips where the second tooltip appears without a delay.

Namespace: System.Windows.Controls
Assembly: PresentationFramework (in PresentationFramework.dll)
XML Namespace:

See ToolTipService.GetBetweenShowDelay, ToolTipService.SetBetweenShowDelay
See ToolTipService.GetBetweenShowDelay, ToolTipService.SetBetweenShowDelay
See ToolTipService.GetBetweenShowDelay, ToolTipService.SetBetweenShowDelay
<object ToolTipService.BetweenShowDelay="int" .../>

Property Value

An integer value that represents the delay time in milliseconds. The default value is 100 milliseconds.

Identifier field


Metadata properties set to true


Exception typeCondition


The value of the InitialShowDelay property is less than zero (0).

Typically, when a user moves the mouse pointer over an object that has a tooltip, there is a delay before the tooltip is displayed. This delay is equal to the value of the InitialShowDelay property. However, after a tooltip is displayed there is a period of time during which another tooltip can be displayed without waiting for the InitialShowDelay time to pass. You specify this time period by using the BetweenShowDelay property. When the user moves the mouse within this time period from one element that has a visible tooltip to another element that has a tooltip, the value of the InitialShowDelay property for the second tooltip is not applied and the second tooltip appears immediately.

For information about how to get or set this property, see the GetBetweenShowDelay and SetBetweenShowDelay methods.

This example shows how to use the BetweenShowDelay time property so that tooltips appear quickly—with little or no delay—when a user moves the mouse pointer from one tooltip directly to another.

In the following example, the InitialShowDelay property is set to one second (1000 milliseconds) and the BetweenShowDelay is set to two seconds (2000 milliseconds) for the tooltips of both Ellipse controls. If you display the tooltip for one of the ellipses and then move the mouse pointer to another ellipse within two seconds and pause on it, the tooltip of the second ellipse displays immediately.

In either of the following scenarios, the InitialShowDelay applies, which causes the tooltip for the second ellipse to wait one second before it appears:

  • If the time it takes to move to the second button is more than two seconds.

  • If the tooltip is not visible at the beginning of the time interval for the first ellipse.

<Ellipse Height="25" Width="50" 
    <ToolTip Placement="Right" 
          <Ellipse Height="10" Width="20" Fill="Blue"/>
        <TextBlock>Uses the ToolTip Class</TextBlock>

For the complete sample, see ToolTipService Sample.

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