System.Windows.Controls.Primitives Namespace

Contains base classes and controls that are intended to be used as part of other more complex controls.

Public classBulletDecoratorRepresents a layout control that aligns a "bullet" and another visual object.
Public classButtonBaseRepresents the base class for all Button controls.
Public classDocumentPageViewRepresents a viewport for a paginated DocumentPage.
Public classDocumentViewerBaseProvides a base class for viewers that are intended to display fixed or flow content (represented by a FixedDocument or FlowDocument, respectively).
Public classDragCompletedEventArgsProvides information about the DragCompleted event that occurs when a user completes a drag operation with the mouse of a Thumb control.
Public classDragDeltaEventArgsProvides information about the DragDelta event that occurs one or more times when a user drags a Thumb control with the mouse.
Public classDragStartedEventArgsProvides information about the DragStarted event that occurs when a user drags a Thumb control with the mouse..
Public classGridViewRowPresenterBaseRepresents the base class for classes that define the layout for a row of data where different data items are displayed in different columns.
Public classItemsChangedEventArgsProvides data for the ItemsChanged event.
Public classLayoutInformationDefines methods that provide additional information about the layout state of an element. This is an abstract class. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classMenuBaseBase class for all Menu controls.
Public classPopupRepresents a control that creates a separate pop-up window that has content.
Public classRangeBaseRepresents the base class for elements that have a specific range. Examples of such elements are ScrollBar, ProgressBar and Slider. This class defines the relevant events and properties, and provides handlers for the events.
Public classRepeatButtonControl that raises its Click event repeatedly from the time it is pressed until it is released.
Public classResizeGripRepresents an implementation of a Thumb control that enables a Window to change its size.
Public classScrollBarRepresents a control that provides a scroll bar that has a sliding Thumb whose position corresponds to a value.
Public classScrollEventArgsProvides data for a Scroll event that occurs when the Thumb of a ScrollBar moves.
Public classSelectorRepresents a control that allows a user to select items from among its child elements.
Public classStatusBarRepresents a control that displays items and information in a horizontal bar in an application window.
Public classStatusBarItemRepresents an item of a StatusBar control.
Public classTabPanel Handles the layout of the tab buttons in a TabControl.
Public classTextBoxBaseAn abstract base class that provides functionality for text editing controls, including TextBox and RichTextBox. This class cannot be inherited.
Public classThumbRepresents a control that lets the user drag and resize controls.
Public classTickBarRepresents a control that draws a set of tick marks for a Slider control.
Public classToggleButtonBase class for controls that can switch states, such as CheckBox.
Public classToolBarOverflowPanelUsed to arrange overflow ToolBar items.
Public classToolBarPanelArranges ToolBar items inside a ToolBar.
Public classTrackRepresents a control primitive that handles the positioning and sizing of a Thumb control and two RepeatButton controls that are used to set a Value.
Public classUniformGridProvides a way to arrange content in a grid where all the cells in the grid have the same size.

Public interfaceIItemContainerGeneratorAn interface that is implemented by classes which are responsible for generating user interface (UI) content on behalf of a host.
Public interfaceIScrollInfoRepresents the main scrollable region inside a ScrollViewer control.

Public structureCustomPopupPlacementDefines custom placement parameters for a Popup control.
Public structureGeneratorPositionGeneratorPosition is used to describe the position of an item that is managed by ItemContainerGenerator.

Public delegateCustomPopupPlacementCallbackRepresents a method that provides custom positioning for a Popup control.
Public delegateDragCompletedEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the DragCompleted event of a Thumb control.
Public delegateDragDeltaEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the DragDelta event of a Thumb control.
Public delegateDragStartedEventHandlerRepresents a method that handles the DragStarted event of a Thumb control.
Public delegateItemsChangedEventHandlerRepresents the method that receives ItemsChangedEventArgs.
Public delegateScrollEventHandlerRepresents the method that is used to handle the Scroll event that occurs when the Thumb of a ScrollBar moves.

Public enumerationAutoToolTipPlacementDescribes the means by which the automatic ToolTip is positioned on a Slider control.
Public enumerationGeneratorDirectionSpecifies the direction in which item generation will occur. GeneratorDirection is used by StartAt.
Public enumerationGeneratorStatusUsed by ItemContainerGenerator to indicate the status of its item generation.
Public enumerationPlacementModeDescribes the placement of a where a Popup control appears on the screen.
Public enumerationPopupAnimationDescribes how a Popup control animates when it opens.
Public enumerationPopupPrimaryAxisDescribes the direction to move a Popup control to increase the amount of the Popup that is visible.
Public enumerationScrollEventTypeDescribes the behavior that cause a Scroll event for a ScrollBar control.
Public enumerationTickBarPlacementSpecifies the placement of a TickBar with respect to the Track of a Slider control.
Public enumerationTickPlacementSpecifies the position of tick marks in a Slider control with respect to the Track that the control implements.

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