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MenuItem.Command Property

Gets or sets the Command property.

Namespace: System.Windows.Controls
Assembly: PresentationFramework (in presentationframework.dll)
XML Namespace:

public ICommand Command { get; set; }
/** @property */
public final ICommand get_Command ()

/** @property */
public void set_Command (ICommand value)

public final function get Command () : ICommand

public function set Command (value : ICommand)

For XAML information, see the ICommand type.

Property Value

The default value is null.

Identifier Field


Metadata Flags


This property is used to associate a command with a particular MenuItem instance. The following example associates the Copy command with a MenuItem and automatically supplies the input gesture text Ctrl+C but it does not bind to the application command. For information on how to bind to the desired command see Add a Command to a MenuItem.

<MenuItem Command="ApplicationCommands.Copy"/>

A command is raised when a MenuItem is clicked; just after the Click event. The command is raised on the element using the following priorities:

  1. If CommandTarget is set on the MenuItem that element is used.

  2. The PlacementTarget of a ContextMenu that contains the MenuItem.

  3. The focus target of the main window that contains a Menu.

  4. The MenuItem that was clicked.

The following examples show how to use the command property to associate commands with menu items.

<MenuItem Command="ApplicationCommands.Open">
<MenuItem Command="ApplicationCommands.Close">

mib = new MenuItem();
mib.Command = System.Windows.Input.ApplicationCommands.Copy;
mib.Header = "_Copy";

mic = new MenuItem();
mic.Command = System.Windows.Input.ApplicationCommands.Paste;
mic.Header = "_Paste";

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