HtmlDocument Properties


The HtmlDocument type exposes the following members.

  Name Description
Public property Body Gets a reference to the BODY element of the HTML document.
Public property Cookies Gets or sets the browser's cookie string.
Public property Dispatcher Gets an instance of the dispatcher. (Inherited from ScriptObject.)
Public property DocumentElement Gets a reference to the browser's DOCUMENT element.
Public property DocumentUri Gets a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) object that represents the HTML document on which the Silverlight plug-in is hosted.
Public property IsReady Gets or sets a value that indicates whether the browser has completely loaded the HTML page.
Public property ManagedObject Gets the underlying managed object reference of the ScriptObject. (Inherited from ScriptObject.)
Public property QueryString Gets a navigable, read-only collection of name/value pairs that represent the query string parameters on the current page's URL.

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