BaseValueSource Enumeration

Identifies the property system source of a particular dependency property value.

Namespace: System.Windows
Assembly: PresentationFramework (in presentationframework.dll)
XML Namespace:

public enum BaseValueSource
public enum BaseValueSource
public enum BaseValueSource
<object property="EnumerationValue" .../>

 Member nameDescription
DefaultSource is the default value, as defined by property metadata.  
DefaultStyleSource is the default style for the current theme.  
DefaultStyleTriggerSource is a trigger-based value from within the default style for the current theme. 
ImplicitStyleReferenceSource is an implicit style reference (style was based on detected type or based type). 
InheritedSource is a value through property value inheritance. 
LocalSource is a locally set value. 
ParentTemplateSource is based on a parent template being used by an element. 
ParentTemplateTriggerSource is a trigger-based value from a parent template that created the element. 
StyleSource is from a style setter of an explicit style. 
StyleTriggerSource is a trigger-based value from an explicit style. 
TemplateTriggerSource is a trigger-based value in the template.  
UnknownSource is not known. This is the default value. 

This enumeration is used by a property within the ValueSource structure, which in turn is obtained by calling a GetValueSource accessor method against a particular dependency property.

Each value of this enumeration connotes that a particular aspect of the overall WPF property system was responsible for the effective value determination of a dependency property value. To learn more about the WPF property system and the precedence at which each aspect of the property system operates, see Dependency Property Value Precedence.

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