This documentation is archived and is not being maintained.

SelectionItemPattern.Select Method

Deselects any selected items and then selects the current element.

Namespace: System.Windows.Automation
Assembly: UIAutomationClient (in uiautomationclient.dll)

public void Select ()
public void Select ()
public function Select ()
Not applicable.

The following example shows how to select an item in a container by specifying the text of the item.

/// <summary>
/// Selects a string item in a container.
/// </summary>
/// <param name="selectionContainer">The selection container.</param>
/// <param name="itemText">The text to select.</param>
/// <remarks>
/// This deselects any currently selected items. 
/// To add the item to the current selection in a multiselect list, 
/// use AddToSelection instead of Select.
/// </remarks>
public void SelectListItem(
    AutomationElement selectionContainer, String itemText)
    if ((selectionContainer == null) || (itemText == ""))
        throw new ArgumentException(
            "Argument cannot be null or empty.");

    Condition propertyCondition = new PropertyCondition(

    AutomationElement firstMatch = 
        selectionContainer.FindFirst(TreeScope.Children, propertyCondition);

    if (firstMatch != null)
            SelectionItemPattern selectionItemPattern;
            selectionItemPattern = 
            SelectionItemPattern.Pattern) as SelectionItemPattern;
        catch (InvalidOperationException)
            // Unable to select

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