WebPageContext Class

Contains data that is used by a WebPage object to reference details about the web application, the current HTTP request, the current execution context, and page-rendering data.


Namespace:  System.Web.WebPages
Assembly:  System.Web.WebPages (in System.Web.WebPages.dll)

public class WebPageContext

The WebPageContext type exposes the following members.

Public methodWebPageContext()Initializes a new instance of the WebPageContext class.
Public methodWebPageContext(HttpContextBase, WebPageRenderingBase, Object)Initializes a new instance of the class by using the specified context, page, and model.

Public propertyStatic memberCurrentGets a reference to the current WebPageContext object that is associated with a page.
Public propertyModelGets the model that is associated with a page.
Public propertyPageGets the WebPageRenderingBase object that is associated with a page.
Public propertyPageDataGets the page data that is shared between pages, layout pages, and partial pages.

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