System.Web.WebPages Namespace

The System.Web.WebPages namespace contains core classes that are used to render and execute pages that are built using ASP.NET Web Pages with the Razor syntax.

Public classApplicationPartContains methods to register assemblies as application parts.
Public classApplicationStartPageProvides objects and methods that are used to execute and render ASP.NET Web Pages application start pages (_AppStart.cshtml or _AppStart.vbhtml files).
Public classHelperPageRepresents a base class that is used when ASP.NET compiles a .cshtml or .vbhtml file that is in the App_Code folder.
Public classHelperResultRepresents the result of a helper action as an HTML-encoded string.
Public classHttpContextExtensionsProvides methods to extend the HTTP context.
Public classPageVirtualPathAttributeRepresents a path attribute for a web page class.
Public classPreApplicationStartCodeProvides a registration point for pre-application start code for web pages.
Public classRequestExtensionsDefines extension methods for the HttpRequestBase class.
Public classResponseExtensionsDefines extension methods for the HttpResponseBase base class.
Public classStartPageProvides methods and properties that are used to render start pages that use the Razor view engine.
Public classStringExtensionsProvides utility methods for converting string values to other data types.
Public classTemplateFileInfoContains methods and properties that describe a file information template.
Public classTemplateStackRepresents a last-in-first-out (LIFO) collection of ITemplateFile template files.
Public classVirtualPathFactoryManagerContains methods that are used for managing virtual path factories.
Public classWebPageRepresents an ASP.NET Razor page.
Public classWebPageBaseServes as the base class for classes that represent an ASP.NET Razor page.
Public classWebPageContextContains data that is used by a WebPage object to reference details about the web application, the current HTTP request, the current execution context, and page-rendering data.
Public classWebPageExecutingBaseProvides objects and methods that are used to execute and render ASP.NET pages that include Razor syntax.
Public classWebPageHttpHandlerProvides methods and properties that are used to process specific URL extensions.
Public classWebPageRenderingBaseProvides methods and properties that are used to render pages that use the Razor view engine.

Public interfaceITemplateFileDefines an interface to provide information about the currently executing file.
Public interfaceIVirtualPathFactoryDefines methods that are implemented by virtual path handler factories.
Public interfaceIWebPageRequestExecutorDefines methods to implement an executor class that can execute the code on a web page.

Public delegateSectionWriterProvides a delegate that represents one or more methods that are called when a content section is written.