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DataList.CreateItem Method

Creates a DataListItem object.

Namespace: System.Web.UI.WebControls
Assembly: System.Web (in system.web.dll)

protected virtual DataListItem CreateItem (
	int itemIndex,
	ListItemType itemType
protected DataListItem CreateItem (
	int itemIndex, 
	ListItemType itemType
protected function CreateItem (
	itemIndex : int, 
	itemType : ListItemType
) : DataListItem



The specified location within the DataList to place the created item.


A ListItemType that represents the specified type of the item to create.

Return Value

A new DataListItem created with the specified list-item type.

The CreateItem method is used primarily by control developers in creating a custom implementation of the DataList control. The CreateItem method is functionally equivalent to calling the DataListItem constructor for a DataListItem. The ItemIndex and ItemType properties are initialized for the new DataListItem using the specified values, but the item is not inserted into the DataList.

The CreateControlHierarchy method uses the CreateItem and InitializeItem methods to create DataListItem controls that represent the header, footer, separator, and databound items contained in the data list. You can access the databound items for the data list through the Items collection. You can access all item types, including the header, footer, and separator items, through the Controls collection.

Notes to Inheritors Override this method to create your own derived DataListItem type, or to set additional member properties when a DataListItem is created.

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